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I know i have been MIA, so let me explain the past three months!  Its been soo hectic, partly because my business { paper love studio } have tripled!  Partly because we bought a house and the renovation / decoration / sourcing process has eaten all my extra time and energy. And partly because i am asking myself were i am going with this blog? At the beginning it was super fun to update and design, to meet new people and follow great blogs! I loved sharing wedding advice and ideas { i still do } but lately it feels like a chore. I have wanted to share more personal details, like recipes i love, places i adore or just some general news, especially about the whole new world of renovation! But each time i open up my laptop i find myself hesitating, thinking house renovation shave nothing to do with wedding blogs!  Don’t get me wrong the blog has taught me so much, it has awakened a creative side in me and i learned a couple of hard lessons! In the end I can look back with joy because i would not be were i am today if it wasn’t for this blog! But like i said its been an exhausting three months and i had to make decisions that were difficult, i had to change the way i do business and really focus to decide what is is i really want!

After hard considerations i finally decided on a plan of action, since i was outgrowing the blog, and in dire need of new space for paper love studio, i decided to split the two. Paper love studio now has its own home in a website that i can update frequently! I will still leave a little bit of it here since a couple of advertising listings use the blog’s URL for contact details. This shift has made it possible to focus the blog on things i love, my journeys and inspirations! My sweet love will not only be a wedding blog but a blog with life experiences, advice and lots of inspirations  on other aspects of life! I can’t tell you how freeing this change has left me! I am filled with energy and new creative ideas!

Today i launched Paper love studio’s website ! Hard work and late nights, but it is finally up and working!! So if you would like to go check it out : http://www.paperlovestudio.co.za

So to a new blog, a new website and hopefully a new beginning! paperlovestudio_website