:: a week of christmas { DIY decor and tags } ::


So for todays post i will be sharing some great handmade christmas ornaments and gift tags. I easily tire of the store bought kind, so i really love these original ones! Whats really great about these tags, is that you can draw any anything on them,hearts, words, stars or snowflakes!


What you need for the tags:
brown paper
White pencil / pen
Old song books

Start with drawing your christmas symbol on the brown paper.
I drew hearts with leaves on them. Cut out all of your shapes and stick them on a piece of the songbook paper, piece by piece. Make sure there is a big enough border around the brown paper so bits of the song book stick out. Cut around the songbook edges and make a little hole for the ribbon. And thats it!! Handmade tags done!!!


What you need for the Paper lantern string:
Different shapes of paper lanterns – { available from mr price }
A pretty piece of ribbon

Start by pulling the lanterns to their rounded form and securing them with a paper clip.
Then take your piece of ribbon and start tying one paper lantern to the ribbon. Arrange the different shapes on different heights and secure to your ribbon. Thats it! Easy right?




Paper song book ornaments

I saw this on pinterest and just had to make it for my tree!! It is dead easily and i love the end result!!! If you already made tags, keep one heart aside to use as a template, if you don’t have a heart, then simple draw one !


What you need:
Old songbooks
Clear tape

Start by drawing hearts on the songbook paper. Cut them out and fold in half. Trim the edges so that the hearts are exactly symmetrical. Repeat these steps until you have 3 hearts. With the inner edge of the hearts together, Take a piece of tape and stick them together. Take some string and put it onto the tape you just laid down, take your third heart and , folded closed, inner side pointed out, stick it onto the string and onto the other hearts. So just to clarify, all the hearts inner edges are stuck together with the sting in the middle!













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