:: Sweet little wedding tips #20 { Details – Jewelry } ::

++ Wedding details seems like another frivolous expense at a wedding.. but in reality details are what makes your wedding stand out ! For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at some great “detail” inspiration to make your wedding extra special! Remember that wedding details are there to make the wedding more YOU and also to add to the decor and theme of your wedding day! I hope you enjoy the series! ++

Wedding jewelry

 In our everyday lives we always wear jewelry that are bold and fits our personalities! Why on earth then do we settle for such plain wedding jewelry. I have seen close to 200 weddings this year alone and one thing that I can tell you is that jewelry is not getting the attention that it needs! Recently people started realizing that wedding shoes can be any colour, flat or high! But the revelation has not yet reached the jewelry department! There are so many lovely options, think colour, pearls, bold or small and elegant dangly earrings!

I have a friend that LOVES the colour red, she’s super outgoing and have a fantastic big smile! Her clothing and handbags are bold and full of colours and patterns! When she got married she had a bright red polka dot necklace on and it looked so stunning because it was totally her! My point is, if you love simplistic then do so, if you love bold chunky jewls then wear it! But please think carefully about your wedding jewels!

Here are some inspirations to start  you out with! Remember that ETSY has some great finds!

{ All images were found on Pinterest }



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