:: Sweet little wedding tips #19 { details – pew decor } ::

++ Wedding details seems like another frivolous expense at a wedding.. but in reality details are what makes your wedding stand out ! For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at some great “detail” inspiration to make your wedding extra special! Remember that wedding details are there to make the wedding more YOU and also to add to the decor and theme of your wedding day! I hope you enjoy the series! ++

Pew & Aisle Decoration

Last week I did a post about chair decoration, so this week, I thought we could continue with some lovely aisle decoration! The most special moment in a wedding is probably when the bride walks down the aisle. It`s one of the greatest moments in your life, something that you will remember forever. So it would only make sense to decorate a moment like this, a beautifully decorated aisle really adds to the that special something to the ceremony and makes the experience absolutely beautiful.

Although often neglected, the aisle decor is a very important part of a wedding ceremony, and the possibilities of decorating a path to the altar are endless. Whichever style is chosen, from traditional to modern, from subtle to explosive colors, aisle décor definitely affect the mood of the wedding ceremony, and therefore it should never be overlooked. There are so many options when decorating the pews or aisle at the wedding, most involve flowers, so talk to your florist to see what she can come up with! Alternatively use your bridesmaids and make a couple of things for the pews, think wooden hearts with personalized monograms, paper flowers, lantern or decorated mason jars with candles!

Remember that you can decorate the pew as well as the walkway or alternatively you can decorate the aisle alongside! You can have little candle holders from the ceiling or  standing pew holders or even print a special mat for you to walk on! the possibilities are endless so think about all the elements involved! Hanging, standing or lying on the floor, aisle decoration should always be included!

Below are some lovely examples of the possibilities for aisle decoration!



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