:: Sweet Little wedding tips #18 { Details – Chair Decor } ::

++ Wedding details seems like another frivolous expense at a wedding.. but in reality details are what makes your wedding stand out ! For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at some great “detail” inspiration to make your wedding extra special! Remember that wedding details are there to make the wedding more YOU and also to add to the decor and theme of your wedding day! I hope you enjoy the series! ++

 Chair Decoration

While wondering around on Pinterest I started thinking of chair decorations and how it can be improved from the ugly ugly organza sashes!  Chair covers and decor is such a lovely way to give your wedding that extra little something! Because chairs takes up so much space it really is a affordable way to decorate a big space! It can brighten up any venue or church and can really add to your wedding decor!

Many venues have Organza sashes as a free or affordable option but if you think a little creatively there are many other options that are cost effective and beautiful! For example if all your guest enter the church from the back, consider decorating just the last chairs, the ones people will instantly see when they walk in! There are so many beautiful options, from flowers, to ribbon, hay sacks with letters, embroidery circles, paper flowers, ribbon tie backs and many more! Many of these stunning decorations can be made by  your wedding party without any difficulty! Below are some great examples of chair decorations / covers and ribbons sashes!

{ All images were found HERE and HERE }


3 thoughts on “:: Sweet Little wedding tips #18 { Details – Chair Decor } ::

  1. I would need the person’s name asap as my wedding is in June and I would need to contact them to make them or to learn how to do it myself, any help greatly appreciated.

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