:: Sweet little wedding tips #16 { Details – signs } ::


++ Wedding details seems like another frivolous expense at a wedding.. but in reality details are what makes your wedding stand out ! For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at some great “detail” inspiration to make your wedding extra special! Remember that wedding details are there to make the wedding more YOU and also to add to the decor and theme of your wedding day! I hope you enjoy the series! ++

* Signs *

Signs are a great way to direct your guests at a big venue, problematic layout or just for a special touch! You can easily adapt a sign to  fit your wedding theme, elegant, modern or vintage! Be creative with cute sayings such as  ” for the kiss turn left” or ” follow the heart” or “happily ever after.. this way” Remember that hand made goes a very long way! So collect some wood, nails and paint or head to your stationary designer to make a custom board!

Think of elements already used in your wedding, such as doilies, repeat the look in a sign, write on the doilies or simply use them as flags with sayings such as “love” , ” happiness” , “forever”… The key to success is to repeat your decor elements so it doesn’t become to busy!

Be creative in your sign making approach, paint on frames, stencil onto old wooden planks, doors or window frames. Use shapes such as birds, or simply print onto fabric! Their are so many ways … do your research and what is just breathtakingly beautiful to you!

It is YOUR wedding day after all!


{ All images were found on Pinterest }


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