:: Sweet Little wedding tips # 14 { Hair } ::

When it comes to your wedding dress, your wedding hair is just as important! Do you want to show of those shoulders or have your locks romantically flowing around? In wedding hair there are usually just two questions, up or down? But have you ever thought about the question that follows, curls or straight, messy or neat, side parted or braided?  There are just so many options! As a general rule I would say, have at least two hair trails! One with an up do and one with some pretty loose curls! Make sure to fit the dress, shoes and make-up to get the whole picture! Once your hair is compared to the other items, you will very easily see if it works!

Keep in mind that an up-do lasts longer than loose hair, but if you love the romantic whisps of hair try to do two styles for the wedding, one for the ceremony and photo’s and one for the reception! Another fantastic idea is to add a little accessory! Although tiara’s are going out of style, hair pins, flowers and headbands have made their way back! With beautifully crafted beading, lace and chiffon, hair accessories have become very popular! Today I wanted to feature a couple of headpieces! Just to show that there are so many different options, one to suit every hair style and wedding dress! When choosing your hair piece always keep the dress and veil in mind, and always remember that less is usually more { that tat goes for curls as well! } .

{ images found on Pinterest }

** I would recommend  ETSY or Untamed Petals if you are interested in buying a custom head piece **


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