:: Sweet little wedding tips #11 { THE DRESS }


Wedding dresses must be the biggest decision you need to make for your very special day! So to make sure all you lovelies have enough inspiration we will be doing a wedding dress special. Today we will focus on the type of wedding dress, next week I will share some international fashion and trends as well as local designer talent! All so you can make a very informed and stunning decision!

Fitted, Flowy or Princess ?

How did you picture your wedding gown? A simplistic fitted fishtail?? A modern romantic twist of fly away material or something big and fairy tail like, just as a wedding dress should be!  Whatever you decide keep in mind the shape of your body and what works with it, instead of against it!  Think of the areas we what to hide { hips & muffin tops )and the assets we want to show ( your middle ). Hide the hips with a aline dress and accentuate the middle with a cute custom made middle belt. Remember there are so many different patterns so take your time and fit a variety of wedding dresses before you make up your mind about a certain style! Whtever you choose make sure it is what YOU want and feel special in!

Below are some customary bridal looks, which one fits you and your wedding day?

{ all images found on PINTERST }


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