:: Sweet little wedding tips #10 { Shoes! } ::

Dear wedding shoes!

I regret to inform you, that you have failed me on my wedding day! It’s not you really, it’s me… I should have picked the teal ones! The pink ones, the ones with petals and hearts, the ones that stand out and say: I AM A WEDDING SHOE!  The ones with bows and lace and pretty silver beading….Something spectacularly beautiful! Kate Spades would have been perfect, but no not you dear wedding shoes, just had to be frail and cheap?? Have you no standards? I am a shoe addict dear wedding shoe, I own more than 200 pairs and you  wedding shoe is by far the worst mistake I have ever made! But no more…..

Wedding shoes I think it is time that we part ways, you have caused me such grief and disappointment! { also the photo’s aren’t very flattering! } I think it is time to find a replacement to mend my broken heart { and wedding photo’s}

Good bye dear wedding shoes…

…… and HELLLOOOOOOO new ones!!

When it comes to wedding shoes there are so many options and absolutely no rules! Anything and everything works from cowboy boots, to sandals to ballet flats to actual ballet shoes! You can have contrasting shoes with stripes or dots! Or you can do DIY an existing pair with beautiful shoe clips like flowers or petals or pretty brooches… The options are endless so be creative and pick a shoe to match your personality!

{ all images were found on Pinterest }


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