:: Sweet little wedding tips #8 { Bridesmaids dresses } ::

Wondering about your bridesmaids dresses? Well today’s post will definatly help and inspire you! There are so many options these days and almost anything goes! Long dresses, short dreses, different colour dresses, different pattern dreses! My big tip on this topic would be that you try to match a bridesmaid dress to their body type! At the moment the trend is long and varying dresses, in the same colour, but I must say I am inlove with moly sims’s idea of differnt dresses in different materials and coloutrs!! I think this works soooo well! Here are some tips for mixing and matching without looking like a circus tent!

1.) Just remember to stick to varying hues of a colour palette, in other words using different shades of blue, dark blue, navy blue, sea blue, light blue, baby blue and so on. You can even broaden the palette to a blue-ish green or blue violet. The choice is yours and the possibilities endless!

2.) If you want to use more than one colour try to use either warm shades { reds, oranges, corals, pinks, deep yellows } or cool shades { blues, greens, grays, blacks and purples } together. Of course there are no written rules and everyone will agree that mixing corals and shades of grey makes for a lovely wedding! So do not use these as a golden rule but rather as a guideline! Below are some lovely examples from Style me Pretty! Enjoy!

{ all images were found on Style me Pretty Pinterest }


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