:: Sweet little wedding tips #7 { Flowers } ::

Finally!!! I get to do a post on my favourite part of a wedding {the flowers} !! Wedding flowers are such a important part of a wedding as it sets the atmosphere as well as the decor! When you are planning your decor, start with the flowers! There are 3 imposrtant things to take into consideration namely:

{ 1 } Colour: As we all know a wedding has a colour scheme and theme, so stick to yours and keep it in mins when planning your flowers. If you have an elegant all white wedding, plan all white roses, lilies, hydrangeas or daisies. If you are going for a more vintage inspired day mix corals with pinks or yellow with white and soft pink roses. Play around with your colour palette to find the perfect mix!

{ 2 } Season: Not all flowers are available year round,make sure the one’s you have in mind for your wedding day will be availbale.  Ask your wedding planner or florist which flowers are in season, they will be less expensive as well!! Some brides have choosen a cetain month becaude they wanted to have peonies or hydrangeas.

{ 3 } Vase: Flowers need a pot. Don’t start and stop at the flowers, remember that all floral arrangements needs a vase so make sure the one’s you pick for the wedding is an integrated part of your colour scheme. If you are going for an informal wedding, think mix and match little glass bottles, jam jars, birdcages, jugs, teacups, milk jugs’ or even metal canisters. If you have a formal and elegant wedding, try and incorporate glass, mirrors and crystal or silver for a more poished effect! Whatever your theme, don’t order the ordinary glass flower vase be creative!  The skies your limit !

Here are some inspirations to help you along!

{ Images by Creative Mint & Aartsappel }


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