{ Dessert table : 50th Birthday }

Since it is monday I thought I would sweeten it up by sharing the past weekends dessert table. It was done for a BIG 50th with a very bright orange theme!! If you know Karin ( the client ) as well as we do you would know that orange personifies her ! She is bright and spunky, fun filled, loud and does not take nonsense for anyone!! I simply cannot imagine a more suited colour for her jubilee!

Since the dessert table was for tea time,I decided to make small little bite sized treats! There were coconut toasted marshmallows, mints, milk corte d’Or, dark chocolate truffles, koeksisters, vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and fookies! I brought in some black to balance out the black and white photo “50” that we made , along with some lovely descriptive labels!!!

To Karin and her very lovely birthday! May there be many more! We love you and look forward to all the lazy days of life together!


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