:: Engagement ♥ Shoot : { Mandy & Shaun }

So most people are taking today off since it is long weekend and all, but I thought I would give you some very needed engagement inspiration! Todays post is super special since the photographer used vintage film to take these pictures! Unheard of in todays very digital world! Knowing that no editing has gone into these images makes it fantastic!! I really love the car they used and the very subtle teal and yellow colour palette! Hope you are having a great monday if you are at work… tomorow we are on holiday again!!!! Yeah!

{ images found on Grey Likes weddings }


:: Holiday Recipe: { Fookies } ::

On this lazy Holiday I thought I would share this lovely cookie recipe with you!!  Well that and a lot of people are nagging me for this recipe… I made it for the dessert table on saturday, so everyone that attended HERE IT IS !!! The name is rather strange, I know but regardless of what you think it actually stands for fudge cookie (since they really look like little blocks of fudge) Please note these cookies are highly addictive, so do not stay home alone with them!! (They will win, I promise)

{ Property of my sweet love, it may only be used in the love and comfort of your own home }

:: Decor Love: { Simply Objekts } ::

It’s decor Thursday and today I want to introduce you to the very lovely Hanlie Joubert,the face behing { Simly Objekts }  she is a 30 something women with 2 adorable children ( and one puppy) currently living in Cape Town. She recently moved back to South Africa after living in Europe and America for the last 6 years!! 99% of her vintage items were sourced while living in america!  She loves her God, coffee, her husband, children, simple living, vintage markets and photography!

 I just love her photographic style and amazing amazing eye for creating something so simplistic yet so beautiful!!! I absolutely love her Blog were she shares some of her inspirations!! Have a look, I promise it’s worth it!!

Next week I will be sharing her beautiful vintage rentals!! So gorgeous! So if you are a bride in the Western Cape, I can guarantee you she has the loveliest pieces to choose from! Welcome to the family Hanlie!!! We just LOVE your work!

Come back tomorrow for the yummiest cookie recipe!!!

{ photo’s by Hanlie from Simply Objekts }

:: Sweet little wedding tips #4 Engagement shoot ::

It is absolutely no secret that I love engagement shoots, so today I will be giving you some tips on creating a fabulous engagement shoot !  It also helps in choosing the right photographer for your special day! Make sure before hand that the photographer you choose has an eye for detail and understand light!

 1.) Location  Location Location !!

Everyone will tell you it matters because IT MATTERS, if you are going for a very elegant and classical wedding it will not benefit you to stand in flip flops on a dock next to fisherman, remember what if is you want to convey, the look of your wedding, the “feeling” you want portrayed. All these factors play a vital role in picking the right location, cotton fields, will create a very magical and romantic feeling, dry grasslands a very earthy look and, farms and lakes makes for very beautiful photo’s that are neutral themed!

{ + photo’s found on Grey Likes Weddings  + Glass Jar Photography  +  KT Merry Photography}

 2.) Make the weather work for you

So you were planning on a nice sunny day only to wake up to rain, or snow? Get some props, dress for the weather and make the it work for you! Use the falling rain drops, dance around or splash each other… the options are endless!

{ + photo’s found on Grey Likes Weddings }

3.) Remember your props!

If you are using your engagement shoot for your save the date cards,  it might be a nice idea to incorporate the date…have a couple of photo’s with you holding up the date on flags, wooden boards or written on the wall behind you!

If you have a themed wedding an engagement shoot is ideal to play around with a couple of ideas.. bring a couch… incorporate those parisan props..drink a spot of tea…. Or dress it up with some lovely vintage suitcases!! Be creative!!! (Remember horses and other animals count!)

{+ photo’s found on Glass Jar Photography, + Love and Lavender, +Grey Likes Wedding , + Irma Bosch }

4.) Faces are not everything

All your photo’s doesn’t have to have you and your fiancé locking lips and smiling candidly into the camera… get creative, let the photographer focus on you holding hands, walking away, hugging or just having fun!! Look for examples of “poses” of other couples before your shoot and show them to your photographer so you both are on the same page!

{ + photo’s found on Once Wed  + KT Merry Photography }

5.) Have fun!!!!!

The best advice any one can give you is to have fun, forget about all the impending wedding details and focus on your gorgeous fiancé! Run around, jump up and down, have a pic-nic or glass of wine…. Your photo’s will capture the mood that the two of you create so.. HAVE FUN!!!!

{ + photo’s found on Grey Likes weddings  + KT Merry Photography }

:: {{ Introducing: We love Invites }} ::

OMG! I am so excited to share today’s post with you!! { We love Invites } is a Wedding Invitation and Stationary business! They specialize in Modern and Vintage Invitations, save-the-dates and other wedding goodies!! After working in the industry for 4 years, they really have a keen eye for detail and loads of inspiration to draw from! What is even more exciting? That they are know available right here on My.sweet.Love !! (You will be able to find them next to Label.me.loveli in the tabs menu!! ) Visit their page to see their complete portfolio!!!

Below are a couple of examples!!! What’s your favourite?