5 year Love Shoot :: Mihan & Mare ::

Friends of mine recently took a couple of photo’s for their 5th anniversary, yes you heard right, after 5 years! I personally think it is the sweetest thing ever, 5 years is such a bench mark in todays society! After 5 years you have picked up his sock and underwear, you have looked for all his miss placed belongings and pretty much thought of killing him, sonds about right? So why not go for a romantic photoshoot, in your much-loved-worn-once wedding dress? Is’t it every girls dream to wear it once more?

The photo’s are just so amazingly beautiful, and show such newlywed love! I am loving the romantic lighting along with the spontaniety these two are portraying! You can see the love and joy between them!

Well done Lize for capturing these beautiful moments! To the happy couple after so many happy years! Keep on loving and supporting each other! You are such a blessing and inspiration! And I know your love is everlasting!

{  photo’s by Lize Roelofse Mostert  }


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