Sweet little wedding tips: #1 Cake + Stand

With every wedding most planners will tell you: Flowers Flowers Flowers! The most important part of decor for your wedding!

It’s true everybody, but please do not stop there… seat placements….table nr’s….menu’s….and CAKE TABLES!!!

Everyone always forgets about the cake table!!! Weather you have decided on a candy table, dessert table, cheese or a traditional cake, do remember to style the table as well. I know I know there are so many part of a wedding to plan and consider but don’t leave the dessert out of your wedding! Incorporate it!   Here are some tips to get a stunning cake table!!

Firstly: If you are serving a traditional cake, individual little cakes or even cupcakes, pick a suitable cake stand. These days their are so many options from round to square to scolloped to vintage! Coloured, silver or white! If you have a very busy or bright cape opt for a suttle cake stand! If your cake is very classical or simplistic go for a bolder stand or even a tired one! There are variious suppliers but sometimes you will be suprized with the retailers and what they stock! Ask your baker, they always knows someone that can help you should they not have stand that satisfies you!

Secondly: Style the table were the cake will be placed! If you have a vintage wedding consider putting old teacups, books or even old tolls of yarn. If the table is set against the wall, incorporate it, put up some frames or photo’s. Hang decorations from the roof in different shapes or different heights! Below are some examples of what can be used! Get inspired and remember STYLE STYLE STYLE!!!

Feel free to contact me should you have trouble with finding a cake stand or if you have some styling questions!

Have a good weekend everyone!

( images from : Kiss the Groom  The Brides Cafe  The Ritzy bee )


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